SSJDC Prop 1

Description Projects funded by the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy Proposition 1.
Organization Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy Number of Projects 15
Mapped Projects

Habitat Projects

Habitat Project Name Status County Total Acres
Bay Point Regional Shoreline - Restoration and Public Access Project
Photo Map
Completed Contra Costa 31.00
Bees Lakes Habitat Restoration Project
Plan or Permit Map
Planning Yolo < 0.1
Blacklock Restoration: Phragmites Control Study
In-progress Solano 70.00
Fish Friendly Farming for the Delta
Planning Contra Costa, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, Yolo < 0.1
Investigations of Restorations Techniques - Dutch Slough
In-progress Contra Costa < 0.1
Lower Marsh and Sand Creek Watershed Planning Project
Planning Contra Costa < 0.1
Nutria Eradication Project - Phase One
In-progress Unknown < 0.1
Paradise Cut Conservation and Flood Management Plan
Plan or Permit Map
Planning San Joaquin 2,500
Petersen Ranch: Working Waterway Habitat Enhancement Project
Monitoring Report Photo Map
In-progress Solano < 0.1
Restoration of Priority Freshwater Wetlands for Endangered Species at the Cosumnes River Preserve
Completed Sacramento 50.00
Sherman Island Wetland Restoration Project, Phase III (Sherman Whale's Spout)
Planning Sacramento 1,369
Stone Lakes Restoration Project
Planning Sacramento < 0.1
Three Creeks Parkway Restoration Project
Plan or Permit Map
In-progress Contra Costa 13.50
Wildlife Corridors for Flood Escape on the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area
In-progress Yolo 23.00
Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Habitat and Drainage Improvement Project
Photo Map
In-progress Yolo < 0.1