Sierra Meadows Partnership

Description The Sierra Meadows Partnership was formed to foster expansion of and more effective collaboration among partners currently engaged in meadow conservation to increase the pace, scale and efficacy of meadow restoration and protection in the Sierra for the benefit of people and ecosystems. For more information:
Organization California Trout Number of Projects 10
Mapped Projects

Habitat Projects

Habitat Project Name Status County Total Acres
Carman Watershed Restoration Project Phase 2
Monitoring Report Map
Completed Plumas 375.0
Childs Meadow Restoration Project
Monitoring Report Plan or Permit Map
In-progress Tehama 405.0
Dry Creek Meadow Restoration
Proposed Nevada, Sierra 57.19
Faith Valley Meadow Restoration Project
Planning Alpine 110.0
Grouse Meadow Restoration Project
Plan or Permit Map
Permitting Mono 40.00
Hat Creek Enhancement Project
Completed Shasta 27.00
Hoke Valley Meadow Restoration - Phase 1
In-progress Sierra 25.00
Log Meadow Restoration Project
Planning Tulare 18.00
Restoration of Priority Meadows in the Walker Watershed Project
Monitoring Report Map
Completed Mono 54.59
Upper Truckee River and Marsh Restoration Project
In-progress El Dorado 612.2